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Tungsten Marine is here to serve you. If you have any questions regarding our products, applications, or want to tell us of foolish errors we have made on our website PLEASE CONTACT US!

Your may send us an e-mail at:

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Where are your products made? Who is the manufacturer? Are they OEM?
Our products are produced at factories all over the world. There is no specific manufacturer with whom we deal exclusively. While all of the parts listed on our site are aftermarket parts, some will come from the same factories used by the OEM’s or other name brand suppliers. We have engineered tools for many parts to either improve on the original design or to produce at a better value.

What is your warranty?
Please review our warranty on the TERMS AND CONDITIONS page of this website.

I think this is the right part but I am not sure? OR I ordered the wrong part!
If you have any doubt about the proper application please contact us prior to placing your order. We ask that our customers have the proper skills and expertise to order and install the proper parts. However, we are human too and we understand mistakes are made. We try to handle these on a case-by-case basis. We do reserve the right to NOT refund shipping fees and we also reserve the right to charge a 15% restocking fee to offset the costs of repackaging and handling. Please see TERMS AND CONDITIONS for more information.

Where’s my package?
We don’t hear this very often because we try to ship within 24 hours through Priority Mail or UPS. You should have received a tracking number shortly after your checkout, however sometimes product does get delayed by shippers or (gasp!) lost. Please contact us at shipping@tungstenmarine.com with any concerns

Do you give special pricing to dealers?
In a word – YES! We recognize that there are many do-it-yourselfers in the boating world and the market is evolving. BUT we also acknowledge the vital and valuable service our dealers provide to the marine industry. We want them to be profitable too! If you are a marine dealer or service provider, please contact us. We will need your marine tax id and wholesale information. You will then receive a special code that allows you specific discounts.

Do you give special pricing for bulk purchases?
We approach these on a case-by-base basis. We try to provide the best possible pricing up front but we will be happy to work with you where we can.

Why are your parts so much cheaper? Are they “seconds” or “rejects”?
ABSOLUTELY NOT. We pride ourselves on our quality and our products. We have spent many years developing our own tools and relationships with various international factories and we produce in large quantities.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes. However, international customers must pay via PayPal. Also, international customers are responsible for all customs, VAT or other fees that may apply. Depending on the order we may need to verify other information from you prior to shipping as we have experienced some cases of international fraud. Please be patient and understanding with this situation.
*** PLEASE NOTE: The United States Postal Service is changing rates, methods and terms. If you have any difficulty with international shipping please contact us at sales@tungstenmarine.com and we will pay special attention to your order.

If you have any other questions or think we should add more to this page… please contact us!

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